Welcome to SHΛRP. As a blog, SHΛRP targets and explains different examples of best practices in social media in the fashion and retail industries. Each and every post focuses on a different fashion company, whether that be a company that deals with menswear, womenswear, or both, and goes into detail with a specific social media marketing […]

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Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week Snapchat Reveal

The continuous importance of choice in today’s society has changed the way in which consumers are directly impacted by media messages. In the past, audiences were impacted by messages with no say on their part in which they preferred to receive. Now, though, consumers are active, rather than passive. These active consumers specifically select what messages they want to […]

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Marc Jacobs ‘My America’ Instagram Campaign Attracts Attention

Current fashion as a whole requires immediacy and the recognition of changing trends. Unlike the past, where the fashion and retail industries were closed off experiences, social media has sped up the process of being exposed to these new trends, outfits, and styles. Instead of waiting months for the next magazine issue to come out, customers […]

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