Welcome to SHΛRP. As a blog, SHΛRP targets and explains different examples of best practices in social media in the fashion and retail industries. Each and every post focuses on a different fashion company, whether that be a company that deals with menswear, womenswear, or both, and goes into detail with a specific social media marketing campaign of theirs that has had great success.


The breakdown of each post is based around one generalized structure, although variation occurs within each. The structure is as follows.

First, a broad introduction is given based on what current fashion and retail leaders must understand in terms of effectively implementing a social media marketing campaign. For example, a way of introducing a post could potentially start with saying that within the past few years, there are barely any fashion experts that have not willingly adopted social media as a whole, and that following this trend is imperative. Then, after the introduction, an explanation of how this generalized idea relates to a specific company in the industry is given.

Following the acknowledgment of the specified company, the social media platform in which their key marketing campaign resides is provided. In collaboration with specifying which social media platform a certain company’s campaign uses, a rundown of how each company has information on its audience and intends to stir up engagement through that channel is also given. Following that, a broad overview of the details of each campaign are stated, and then specific metrics of the campaign are listed. To wrap things up, each post ends with concluding words on exactly why the campaign was a success, and what other companies in the industry can do to replicate these models.


Each post not only focuses on a different fashion company, but also shows how different channels of social media are used as well. SHΛRP highlights a number of the best and most recent social media marketing campaigns, and how each one is optimized by the specific platform it is on. The four different social media platforms that are discussed are:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Through detailed research of current resources, such as research articles, trade or professional press articles, and other professional bloggers, SHΛRP’s overall focus is to showcase the increasing importance of social media as it is used by current fashion and retail leaders. By targeting different company’s successful social media marketing campaigns, explaining exactly what each campaign did in order to be successful, and by listing out specific metrics which correspond to increased company reputation and profitability, SHΛRP shows other fashion and retail leaders why social media marketing campaigns are crucial for the future of their companies.


2 thoughts on “About SHΛRP

  1. Patrick, I am interested in learning more about the fashion industry and I think I have a unique viewpoint to offer! The majority of my wardrobe is straight from Goodwill, and I spend little time worrying about what’s “in” with the latest trends, as I am growing up, however I realize I need to class up my look a little bit. Being a virgin to the market, I don’t know where to begin. I am interested in getting an insider’s opinion learning about the best practices of social media in the industry and maybe even following some of my favorites! I can’t wait to read your work!

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