Topshop/Topman Establishes Itself on Twitter

As it is currently understood, fashion and retail leaders of today are increasingly having to find new and inventive ways to appeal to consumers. Over the past few years, new social media has heavily altered the way these leaders reach consumers, by changing the communication channel from one-way, to two-way. Instead of solely using print ads and television commercials, fashion leaders like Topshop have began to heavily integrate social media marketing campaigns, and have done so with extremely successful results.

Though their social media presence reaches all of the key social media platforms, Topshop’s main outlets for this communication is through their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Overall, each one of these accounts is consistently and similarly branded, and appropriately positions itself as a prominent leader on trends.

Because Topshop has established itself in online communities as a leader in conversations on style, by both encouraging consumer interaction and engagement through an authoritative viewpoint on current trends and by linking to product pages, they have altered the dialogue about the fashion industry.

This changed dialogue now includes the new desire for immediate trends that can be accessed at any time, place, and on any platform. For many other retail leaders, the process of adapting to this different dialogue has been challenging. However, because Topshop has been at the forefront of this change, they have flourished. This success is primarily seen through their Twitter.


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.38.53 PM

Topshop Twitter Campaign Tweet


A specific Topshop Twitter campaign that produced marvelous results was the case of the 2015 #LIVETRENDS real-time campaign.

During the 2015 London Fashion Week, Twitter and Topshop decided to collaborate together, and set up billboards in major UK cities, each in close proximity to a Topshop store. These billboards displayed live tweets from Topshop representatives who were front row at Fashion Week, and each one determined which looks were the most in-trend, with additional recommendations on how to replicate these looks with Topshop collections that could be bought immediately in their stores. For the first time ever, customers were able to shop according to live data that was being collected by the brand.

Why was this campaign so important, though?

Because of the metrics. Not only did Topshop’s 2015 #LIVETRENDS campaign have more than 3.8 million consumers actively engaged and talking about the brand, but it also had a 75% sales increase on its featured products, as well as an 11:1 ROI. And if those numbers aren’t enough to persuade other retail leaders to produce similar innovative campaigns, then maybe the fact that Topshop’s campaign won the 2015 B&T Retail Week Tech & eComm Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year Award will.

The key takeaway from Topshop’s 2015 Twitter campaign is that creating a unique and personable experience strategy is imperative. Topshop’s ability to portray the know-how of a fashion editor, the keen eye of a trend seeker, and the helpful support of a personal shopper all in one social media campaign is exactly why it accrued success.


4 thoughts on “Topshop/Topman Establishes Itself on Twitter

  1. I think Topshop really hit the nail on the head with this one. In the era of Web2.0 consumers are searching for the latest and greatest “next thing”. In the fashion industry this is especially true where trends come and go so rapidly, creating ample opportunities to utilize social media to publicize the up-and-coming trends. The micro blogging format of Twitter makes the medium especially adept for this constantly changing industry. Since followers are less inclined to sit down and read every post, or feel as though they have to read every post. I like the campaign put on by Topshop and was shocked by the statistics of their success, and can see this campaign being used in other formats to keep followers up to date with the latest trends.

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